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I have been a runner for many years and suffer from plantar fasciitis. I have been with several other doctors for treatment and never got better. I tried a couple of orthopedic doctors, went for second opinion and nothing will work even though I did their recommendations. I was lucky to have found Veronica Joseph to work on my plantar fasciitis and in just first treatment I could see a difference. She worked a couple of times and the pain I suffered for many years disappear and gone!!! Now, I don't have any problem. I have run a full marathon and two half-marathon and I have improved my times and most important is that I can now run without pain!! Thank you so much! Maria O.

My health complaint when I saw Veronica Joseph was overall feeling of uneasiness - both mind and body. Having had gastric bypass surgery for ten years ago and having lost 140 lbs., my insides didn't seem to be metabolizing foods well. I had no idea until the blood tests that I had allergies. The NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) treatments are very easy and have helped me tremendously as well as acupuncture and kinesiology. Veronica really listens to you and she connects with your body and listens to it. The body doesn't lie - we just need an interpreter. Veronica is my body's interpreter and I am happier for the connection!!! I definitely recommend her. Marie B

Initially I felt I was toxic internally after the death of my husband. Since then Veronica Joseph has treated me for a serious virus infection and immediately after a serious vehicle accident. I have been a patient for over 5 years. Veronica is a good listener as well as an emphatic doctor and is extremely knowledgeable. She has detoxed my body and has treated me for a variety of food allergies and other sensitivities. She was instrumental in the marked improvement of the range and mobility of my left arm after my vehicle accident. I feel my overall health is much improved because of her treatments. Veronica makes me feel she understands my health concerns and has called me to follow-up on my condition, particularly when I was very ill with a virus. She also has become very knowledgeable of my health concerns and condition. Veronica's treatments are very specific to my health situation. She follows up to ensure previous treatments have been successful. The most significant treatments I had was NAET. I had multitude food sensitivities which she has treated and resolved. She has also used acupuncture and cupping, which all have been very helpful. Without hesitation, I recommend her. In the past, I know that two individuals have gone to Veronica based on my recommendation. A third individual asked for Veronica's number and was planning to schedule an appointment; however, I recently made her aware that she was moving out of the state. I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Veronica Joseph's care. Margaret C.

I am seeing Veronica for digestive issues and anxiety. When I came, I was using Imodium (for anti-diarrhea) a lot. Now, I haven't had the need to use it in many months. My anxiety is greatly improved. I am much more confident and willing to try new things. Using NAET has helped me calm down a variety of issues from digestion to seasonal allergies. The energy work is new to me and that is the biggest difference. NAET with acupuncture helped with my health issues. I would definitely recommend NAET to my friends. Linda B.

My health complaint was constant upper back and shoulder pain. We broke through some emotional barriers that caused much of my pain. With every treatment, my pain has lessened to the point where there are days that I don't feel the pain any longer. Veronica also helped me with my knee pain. Both NAET and acupuncture worked for me and I absolutely recommend her. Mona R.

I was suffering of severe hives when I saw Veronica. I was taking prednisone to keep them in control. Veronica's NAET treatment resolved my health condition. My hives are gone & I am no longer taking prednisone. Veronica's background in Chinese Medicine has been most helpful. Not all NAET providers have her background. I recommend her to other patients. Trish R.

Veronica is a truly healing individual. She not only heals through the conventional acupuncture method but also uses her spirituality and Reiki to enhance her process of treatment. This method is amazing. Its results are quite effective. I have been treated by many acupuncturists in the past, but Veronica's treatment approach is different. Her treatment was not just a simple healing, it was a SOULFUL healing which left me with a feeling of being touched by (if not to cliché) an angel. If you have the chance to set up an appointment, go for it. You will be glad you did. Janice K.

I had decreased energy, headaches, tension in my midback and suffering from constipation when I saw Veronica. Now I have increased energy, sleeping better, no headache, less midback tension and decreased abdominal bloating. Veronica is different from other practitioners because she listens to my concerns. The acupuncture treatment helped resolve my health issues. I recommend her. Lynda M.

When I first saw her, I was suffering from feet pain, lower back pain and other various things. Veronica fixed my feet pain and skin rashes and is working on my allergies. She is different from other health providers. She gets down to business and does not let you run around with other practitioners. Her therapies such as NAET, acupuncture, cupping, trigger point massage, herbal and vitamin supplements therapies helped resolve my health issues. I have talked to my friends about what she has done effectively compared to regular Drs. (providers) LOL. Shag L.

I had physical, emotional uneasiness, back pain, fibromyalgia, nerve issues, digestive problems, diabetes, major fatigue and unable to concentrate when I saw Veronica Joseph. Her NAET, acupuncture and vitamins/supplements therapies have alleviated all my health conditions. I am now a normal individual, restored health and emotional well-being. Veronica gave me a second chance of living a healthy life. She is different from other practitioners. She is a Master Healer and has spiritual connection to her patients. She has a vested interest in their lives and well-being. She goes the extra mile of caring and nurturing her patients with compassion. The NAET, acupuncture, magnet therapy, cupping, and Reiki treatments helped resolve my health issues. I absolutely recommend her 100%. Marisol S.

My original complaints were stress and anxiety. I had chronic neck and back pain that led to sleeping issues. Veronica helped me relieve the chronic pain, stress and anxiety with a combination of cupping, NAET, acupuncture and supplements/vitamins. She truly cares about the WHOLE patient. She addressed my complaints as a WHOLE, mind, body and emotions. The combination therapy used helped me greatly. Most definitely, I recommend her. Shireen W.

Allergic to horses, cats and sugar were my main complaints. Sugar made me sick. My body is much stronger now. I have eaten desserts and hasn't gotten sick. My allergic reaction to cats has lessened. Dr. Joseph is very kind and genuinely wants to make a difference, and she does! NAET and acupuncture both helped me. I would definitely recommend her. Aria R. - 9 yrs old

My main complaint was migraine headaches which happens 1/3 of the time in my life. I also suffered from fear and anxiety. Now, I only had 3 migraine headaches in the last 3 months and I believe they are completely gone now. I feel calmer and take life's storms with more peace and ease. Veronica is different from other Practitioners. She is very intuitive, a real healer. She genuinely cares about us. I believe both NAET and acupuncture helped. I feel stronger and more balanced over all. I certainly would recommend her. Cheta B.

Stomach issues, stress and allergies were my main complaints. Veronica treated my issues with acupuncture and now I no longer suffer from these issues. I come to her for many problems which have been all dealt with successfully. I only use my Provider for my annual physical. NAET and acupuncture helped me. I recommend her. Diane R.

My complaints are knee, joint, back, neck, and leg pain. Herbs, acupuncture, NAET, cupping, magnet therapy and infrared heat works for me. Dr. Joseph is different from other Practitioners. She treats mind, body, soul with a wide array of techniques and a positive caring attitude. She tries to address acute symptoms and underlying causes. All of her therapies mentioned above helped me. I recommend her. Jen M.

I had bells palsy, tight pelvic floor, poor digestion, food allergies, bladder irritation, depression and anxiety. Veronica helped decrease inflammation of the organs, treat food allergies to increase tolerance, absorption of nutrients, stop bells palsy, improve digestion, relieve bladder irritation, release tight pelvic floor, balance brain of negative mood/emotions associated with trauma. Veronica is different from other Practitioners: multifaceted in approach to healing; practical integration of therapeutics approaches tailored to individual needs; spiritually insightful; dedicated. NAET, acupuncture, wholistic kinesiology, vitamins/supplements/herbs worked for me. I absolutely recommend her. Esperanza M.

Dr. Veronica Joseph takes the time to explore the causes of my chronic illness and pain, and with this understanding as a background, and with check-ins with my body at each appointment, customizes treatments that are gentle yet highly effective. I have been a patient for many years and have seen improvements in my physical health and emotional wellbeing with every treatment. She facilitates healing that includes her patients as active partners in their health, never treating them as a list of symptoms to be managed. She is a highly intuitive, profoundly gifted healer, and she is a blessing in my life. Awesome Healing, indeed. I was a skeptic at first but at the recommendation of a friend I went and tried acupuncture. Both my husband and I signed up for an entire year of treatment and the health benefits we found were simply incredible. Better digestion, lower blood pressure, less snoring, feeling relaxed regularly, less aches and pains, more energy, overall we felt great. So glad we did. Then about a year after completing the treatments I had a back injury and had ruptured three discs in my back. Had pain, could not move without pain then had complete numbness. I contacted Dr Joseph and she had me in her office and began my treatments once again and along with the needles she did the cupping procedures on my back to draw the blood to the areas that needed healing. I was amazed at how fast I began to recover. I never had to take pain killers during this entire process, as I would rather deal with a more holistic approach. I often told Dr Joseph she was a miracle worker for me. -Terry R.

I have suffered for years with insomnia, which eventually lead to other health concerns. After numerous visits to different doctors, of which nothing they prescribed me worked, I decided to try acupuncture. The night after my first treatment, I actually slept better and was more relaxed than I had been for months. Veronica is very good at what she does and has a very kind spirit about her. I had to stop treatments for personal reasons but am planning on starting up again very soon. I definitely have noticed a decline in my mental health since I stopped. -Natalie W.

I have suffered from multiple health issues which caused the quality of my life to be poor at best. Discovering Veronica is like a breath of fresh air. Her extensive knowledge in Oriental healing techniques is amazing. For the first time in several years I actually feel human. Thankyou Veronica for giving me my life back! -Sharon B

I have been treated by Dr. Veronica Joseph for over four years, and I see her once a month for acupuncture to treat muscle fatigue and joint pain. It was difficult for me to walk and almost impossible for me to go to work. Traditional medicine had failed me and I did not know what else I could do, so I attempted acupuncture with Dr. Joseph for the first time as a last resort and it worked. She has helped me a great deal in treating my pain and allowing me to live a fuller life. She is great at patient care and truly listens to the needs and concerns of her patient. Dr. Joseph is dedicated to her work and dedicated to helping her patients. I would recommend her to anyone who suffers from chronic pain and who is open to trying acupuncture, she will change your life. -Jen M.

Veronica is a very talented healer who assisted me in a long standing health situation. She is sensitive to know what type of healing is necessary and also has the knowledge of herbs and the human make up and caring about individuals that I have not experienced with other people in healing professions. It was a delight to be treated by her and I feel much better too! -Miranda J.

I like her healing techniques to treat my body. She knows exactly what my body needs. I felt wonderful & rejuvenated after the treatment. It's just unbelievable. She is amazing. -Cynthia M.

I felt wonderful after the acupuncture treatment, It prevented my left ankle from getting infected. I didn't even feel the needles. Veronica is very gentle and her hands are magic because it relieved my stress. She is easy to talk to like a friend. -Eva T.

Veronica treated my lower back pain (sciatica) completely from pain level 11 to 0 (no pain) in just one treatment. It was amazing. She is fantastic. -Barbara C.

Every month I suffer from severe menstrual cramping. I was in so much pain I could not sit or stand, and I was experiencing nausea and dizziness. Veronica's treatment took away my pain and relieved my nausea and dizziness, so that I could complete my work day, and I did not experience pain for the following 3 cycles. Her needle technique is painless, she is a True Master of Oriental Medicine. -Yvonne P.

I have been taking medication for over 10 years for acid reflux. I also have an autoimmune disease that is now under control. When I was able to get off the steroids from the autoimmune disease, I wanted to not have to take so many meds, so I went off the acid reflux medication. Even with the acid reflux medication I would not be able to sleep in bed - usually I ended up sleeping in the recliner most of the night. So I decided to take advantage of my work place and take some acupuncture treatments for the acid reflux. Veronica helped me so much it is unbelievable! I now sleep through the night, can sleep flat if I want to, don't sleep in the recliner anymore unless I doze off. I take weekly treatments and I can eat any time, any thing, anywhere and my acid reflux does not bother me at all. I wish I had done this years ago. Veronica has been a god send to me and I cannot stop talking about it to anyone that will listen to me. When I go to sleep I actually stay asleep and can get at least 7 hours a night. I am amazed at what Veronica has been to help me with and I am going to continue with the treatments with her. -Nancy P.

I was experiencing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. I couldn't sleep. After receiving acupuncture treatment from Veronica, I am no longer experiencing hot flashes and night sweats. Now I can sleep. She's wonderful and I recommend her - Maria B.

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