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A Typical Treatment

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Your initial visit will take approximately 1.5 hours and includes an extensive intake to assess past and present medical history, lifestyle, your emotional profile, diet, environmental influences, and how these influences may manifest in your body.  Please be sure to bring a list of all current drugs and supplements you are taking.


Because acupuncture regulates energy, it is important that when you arrive for treatment you are not exhausted, not too hungry, or too full.  Under no circumstances should you have consumed alcohol or recreational drugs.


Due to the sensitivity of some patients, please do not wear scents to your treatment. 



Your pulses will be taken to evaluate the condition of Qi, Blood and Fluids, Organ system imbalance(s), the location of the imbalance, and the nature of the disharmony.


Color and conditions of the tongue, the sound of your voice, and the texture and condition of skin and hair will be noted.  Health disharmonies can be confirmed by these observations.


Palpation of acupuncture points and the channels is a reliable diagnostic tool because certain acupuncture points are related to particular areas and functions of the body, and tenderness, tightness, or an empty feeling may relate to a specific problem.


Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan is drawn up.  The treatment may include one or more of the following:  acupuncture needles, Chinese herbs, bodywork, heat therapy, moxibustion, essential oils, cupping, electric stimulation, and diet and exercise.



Subsequent visits last 45 minutes to an hour.  The frequency of treatments will vary with each individual and their needs.  Acute syndromes may need two or three treatments per week, while chronic conditions may require weekly treatments for several months to achieve maximum results.  In general, acute conditions require less treatment than chronic conditions.  The patient’s attitude, diet, and lifestyle will affect the outcome of a course of treatment. 


Patients are encouraged to participate in their healing process.  Relax and allow your body to heal.  Feel free to ask questions, voice concerns, or just relax and unwind during your treatment.  The treatment does not end when the needles are removed.  Acupuncture has initiated a change in your body, and now it is up to you to insure these positive changes are cultivated.  If possible, take time to relax directly after your treatment. 



Acupuncture is generally a soothing experience.  Needles are about as thick as a strand of hair so insertion is usually painless.  Some patients feel a very slight pricking sensation when the needle is inserted.  A dull ache or tingling sensation may be felt when the needle is stimulated.  Most commonly, there is a sense of deep relaxation and a kind of floating quality.



Yes. Nationally Certified Acupuncturists are thoroughly trained in Clean Needle Technique and use only sterile, disposable needles.



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