Our Services

Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

We help women heal their allergies and digestive issues by resolving the root cause of their symptoms  so they can achieve their goals and enjoy life fully.


Our mission is to help our patients rejuvenate, grow and transform to their fullest potential. All services and treatments are personalized and customized based on their needs.

Awaken to Wellness: Improve your gut, restore optimal vitality, and manifest your dreams!

Namudripad's Allergy
Elimination Techniques

Desensitize the allergies to bring the body into Normal state.


Activates natural painkiller, reduces pain and balance the organ system.

Wholistic Kinesiology

Check the best supplements and herbs that are safe & beneficial to  you by muscle testing . 


Monthly Wellness Event 

 on holistic healing,  spiritual growth and personal transformation.


Provide remote wellness and nutritional consultation, education, virtual health care, treatment & other services via telecommunication devices