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Soul Path Evaluaton

Soul Path Evaluation is considered an alternative and health care service designed for assessing the present, past, and future potentials intended to heighten self-awareness and bring resolution to life issues such as health, love, career, relationship, finance, etc., causing the imbalance.


It includes past life reading that can reveal relevant life lessons and how they may affect current life. Soul Path Evaluation is a method that can access important soul data in the Akashic records.


The Akashic records is a repository on the astral plane that stores the energetic records of all lives, universal events, thoughts, etc., to have occurred in the past, present, or future.


Soul Path Evaluation

The practitioner intuitively scans the client’s different energy bodies during an evaluation. Then thru visualization skills and an in-depth intuitive view of the client’s biofield and energy centers, the practitioner can discover past life, present, and potential future information. It is designed to assist clients in obtaining essential details on their current physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial issues. This process is meant to support life transition, transformation and soul growth.

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