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​Universal Rays Remote Healing

Universal Rays Remote Healing

This ancient sacred energy healing technology is considered an alternative and complementary health care service designed to support you to transform your consciousness on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It is believed that when you shift your consciousness true healing may occur on all levels of your being.

While it is not possible to provide any guarantees, it can allow you to access and activate advanced healing codes that can be targeted into specific areas that need support.

In an UR energy healing session, Veronica works directly with the angels and the Ascended Masters, a group of spiritually enlightened beings whose mission is to help and support humanity, to elevate their consciousness and to enlighten every soul.

An UR energy healing session can be powerful transformational process that is intended to create harmony by activating the chakras (energetic vortexes) and balancing meridians (energy pathways).

The UR energy healing modality is designed to shift the awareness of the clients to improve their mental clarity, realign them with their divine purpose,  gain self-mastery, and reach their highest potential.

The consciousness of the Universal Rays is believed to help to unblock and release unresolved energies that people have created to bring the possibility of healing, joy, love, and peace within them.

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