Tai Chi Chih Joy Thru Movement
Multiple Dates
Mar 15, 10:00 AM MDT
Online Weekly Class Tuesdays

Tai Chi Chih  Movements

Rocking Motion
Bird Flap its Wings
Around the Platter
Around the Platter Variation
Bass Drum
Daughter on the Mountain Top
Daughter in the Valley
Carry the Ball to the Side
Push Pull
Pulling in the Energy
Pulling Taffy
Anchor Step - 1st Variation
Wrist Circles - 2nd Variation
Perpetual Motion - 3rd Variation
Working the Pulley
Light at the Top of the Head/Light at the Temple
Joyous Breath
Passing Clouds
Healing Sounds
Cosmic Consciousness Pose

The Benefits of Tai Chi Chih Basic Course

Tai Chi Chih is knowledge of the Supreme Ultimate. In the Beginner's course we approach the study of Tai Chi  Chih step by step. Starting with the most basic stance, you learn how to position and move your body correctly, prevent discomfort, and get the energy flowing. As you practice and learn more movements,  you will begin to be mindful and understand your body on a whole new level.

This helps to create positive habits and mindset that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

Practicing Tai Chi Chih regularly is beneficial. The health effects are cumulative:

 * Balances and harmonizes your organs.

 * Improves balance and coordination.

 * Enhances concentration, memory and clarity of mind.

 * Boosts your immune system.

 * Increases your vitality.

 * Promotes blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

 * Helps generate "happy" hormones such as endorphin to improve your mood.