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How to live a meaningful life

What does a meaningful life mean to you? I know someone who graduated from college and needs to know which direction to go. He was passionate about music and the arts but thought these areas could not sustain him financially. At the same time, with the rapid advancement of technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), he is afraid that it will replace his job. He is interested in a computer science career but is unsure if this is what he wants to do.

I can feel his pain because I felt the same way when I was younger. I thought a Computer Programmer would be in demand and pay highly, so I became one. However, after working for six months, I could not stand staring at the computer all day, coding, compiling, and debugging the program. I need human connection, various tasks, and a

fulfilling job! I felt lost, unhappy, and sometimes depressed. Feeling trapped and stagnant, I had nowhere to go. I was struggling to find the direction and meaning of my life.

Do you feel the same way? Are you bored doing your job repeatedly day in and out?

Do you feel stuck and don't know what to do?

Finding the meaning of your life can take time and exploration. Please watch the video to learn three helpful ways to find and live a meaningful life!



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