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Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET©)

NAET© is considered an alternative technique that incorporates several elements, including acupuncture, applied kinesiology, and nutrition. Allergens are tested by using NST (Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing) which is believed to indicate kinetic disharmony in the body caused by allergens. IgE or IgG Food Allergy test to provide an indication of food allergies or intolerances is required prior to NAET© treatment. NAET© is applied by stimulating the pressure points along the spine while the patient is holding the allergen.

The premise of NAET is that a strong NST after the treatment indicates the patient has responded to the treatment. Then laser therapy or acupuncture is applied for 20 minutes to reinforce the treatment. Avoidance of the substance treated for at least 25 hours after the treatment is needed for best results.

NAET© can help reprogram the brain, reset the nervous system, and remove the blockages from the nervous pathways believed to aid in lowering the sensitivity to the allergens and  help balance the body. It can help reduce digestive issues, skin conditions, hormonal imbalance, sleep disorder, auto immune problems and many more.


For scientific research papers and studies on the efficacy of NAET©, please visit: –

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