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Specialties include: Allergies, Auto-Immune Disorder, Digestive Issues,

Women's Health and Pain Management

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Dr. Veronica Joseph

Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Holistic Health Expert, Energy Healer, Mentor and #1 International Best Selling Author


New Patients

We would like to take a moment to welcome you as a new patient of Awesome Healing Acupuncture. 

Thank you for Choosing us.


We look forward to partnering with you to address your health concerns, and we will do all we can to ensure you achieve the most successful result possible for you. The trust and confidence you have placed in us is most appreciated.

Our mission is to help you achieve your treatment goals and to maintain optimal health.


We will need you to fill out the on-line forms that are linked to the email that was sent to you when your appointment was scheduled, so you will have more time for consultation and not need to come early.


We also ask that you bring any copies of any relevant laboratory results or doctor's notes if your have it.


During your first visit, the Provider will meet with you for a brief intake interview and physical assessment. Your initial visit will take approximately 1.0 hour and includes an extensive intake to assess past and present medical history, lifestyle, your emotional profile, diet, environmental influences, and how these influences may manifest in your body. It is important that the  entire person be taken into consideration. The purpose of the consultation is to develop a customized treatment plan and therapies.

Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan is drawn up.  The treatment may include one or more of the following: 

NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques), Acupuncture and Wholistic Kinesiology.

Appointments must be cancelled within 24 business hours

Otherwise you will automatically be charged for the appointment in full.

Parking is available at CC Moulding on the the East side. We share the same parking lot.


Our Services

Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

We help women  heal their allergies and digestive issues by resolving the root cause of their symptoms, while empowering them with self-care tools so they can achieve their goals and enjoy life fully.


Our mission is to help our patients rejuvenate, grow and transform to their fullest potential. All services and treatments are personalized and customized based on their needs.

Awaken to Wellness: Improve your gut, restore optimal vitality, and manifest your dreams!

Namudripad's Allergy
Elimination Techniques

Desensitize the allergies to bring the body into Normal state.


Activates natural painkiller, reduces pain and balance the organ system.

Wholistic Kinesiology

Check the best supplements and herbs that are safe & beneficial to  you by muscle testing . 


Monthly Wellness Event 

 on holistic healing,  spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Wholistic Kinesiology

Check the best supplements and herbs that are safe & beneficial to  you by muscle testing . 


Monthly Wellness Event 

 on holistic healing,  spiritual growth and personal transformation.



Provide remote wellness and nutritional consultation, education, virtual health care, treatment & other services with

no office visit required.

Universal Rays Remote Healing

A sacred and advanced healing technology that can create harmony and balance in all levels of your being.

It can help release unresolved energies to bring peace, love and joy within you.



telemedicine photo.png

Remote Virtual telemedicine is now available. This includes management, and treatment services, diagnostic evaluation, testing and procedures with no office visit required.

Prescribe, provide and dispense non-injectable herbal medicine, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements.

Other treatments and services include: therapeutic exercises, qi exercises, breathing techniques, meditation and other devices that utilize laser, sound, vibration, pressure, magnetism and electromagnetic energy.


Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET)

NAET is composed of allopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology, and nutrition. Allergens are tested by using NST (Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing) which indicates kinetic disharmony in the body caused by allergens. IgE or IgG Food Allergy Test is required to provide evidence of food allergies or intolerances prior to NAET treatment. NAET is applied  by stimulating the pressure points along the spine while the patient is holding the allergen.

A strong NST after the treatment indicates the person has responded to the therapy. Then laser therapy or acupuncture is applied for 20 minutes to reinforce the treatment. Avoidance of the substance treated for at least 25 hours after the treatment is needed for best results.


NAET can help reprogram the brain, reset the nervous system, and remove the blockages from the nervous pathways to aid in lowering the sensitivity to the allergens and help balance the body. It can help reduce digestive issues, skin conditions, hormonal imbalance, sleep disorder, auto immune problems and many more. For scientific research papers and studies on the efficacy of NAET, please visit: –




Acupuncture boosts the stimulation of natural painkillers.

It is very effective in pain management and treatment. 

It can be associated with the application of pressure, heat, magnets, lasers, and electrical micro currents.

Acupuncture is the insertion of metal filiform needles - fine and sterile - into certain points, balancing the flow of oxygen and blood. Needle insertion is usually painless. These needles are about as thick as a strand of hair. You may feel a tingling, cool or warm sensation, a dull ache on the area of concern or a relaxing experience during treatment.

Acupuncture increases blood circulation to the problematic area. By stimulating nerve pathways in the body, Acupuncture reduces the inflammation, pain and restores health.

Universal Rays Remote Healing

This ancient sacred healing technology supports you to transform your consciousness on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When you shift your consciousness true healing may occur on all levels of your being.

UR healing therapy is a powerful transformational process that creates harmony by activating the chakras (energetic vortexes) and balancing meridians (energy pathways). It allows you to access and activate advanced healing codes that can be targeted into specific areas that need support.

In UR healing, Veronica works directly with the angels and the Ascended Masters, a group of spiritually enlightened beings whose mission is to help and support humanity, to elevate their consciousness and to enlighten every soul.

The UR healing modality shifts the awareness of the clients to improve their mental clarity, realign them with their divine purpose,  gain self-mastery, and reach their highest potential.

The consciousness of the Universal Rays helps to unblock and release unresolved energies that people have created to bring healing, joy, love, and peace within them.

Universal Rays Remote Healing

Wholistic Kinesiology

Wholistic kinesiology is the art and science of neuromuscular evaluation for optimizing health. It is a remarkable tool that allows you to speak to the body and get information. This information involves a person’s physical, chemical/nutritional or emotion body.


Muscle testing involves placing a part of the body in a specific position and then applying pressure to that body part or body area. When pressure is applied to an area of the skin which covers the muscle – signals are sent via the nerve endings in that section of skin through the muscles to the central processing centers in the brain, which register sensations. If the body is healthy the muscles remain strong, but if a problem is detected in the circuit, the muscles will display weakness.


By testing the quality of the muscle strength when we push against it, we can evaluate the imbalance in the nervous system and we can ask the body what it needs to retore it into optimal health.

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My Story

Dr. Veronica Joseph

Holistic Health Expert, Energy Healer, Mentor, and #1 International Best Selling Author


  •  Master's degree in Oriental Medicine Southwest Acupuncture College in Albuquerque, N.M. 

  • Certified Diplomate in Oriental Medicine by NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), 

  • Licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico 

  • Licensed Acupuncturist in California.  

  •  NAET certified Specialist

  • Certified Universal Rays Healing Practitioner

  • Certified in Wholistic Kinesiology

  • Seven Rays Master

  • Certified Reiki Master

               Other Interest

  • T'ai Chi Chih 

  • Kriya Yoga 

  • The Masters' Way (Self Mastery Program)



While in labor with my son, I had an allergic reaction to anesthesia which caused a high fever and hallucination. After the incident, I experienced abdominal cramps, bloating and gas --after eating certain foods. It was overwhelming for me to take care of my son, so I felt weak, isolated and sad. I had a colicky baby that cried most of the night; and after my son had a stomach virus, he became more sensitive to foods. He developed red, itchy skin on both legs and scaly patches on his scalp. After taking antibiotics, due to strep throat, his eczema got worse and he had hives.


As a mother, I became hopeless, and helpless, seeing my son suffer to the point of having suicidal thoughts.

NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques) helped my son tremendously. In addition to NAET, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine restored my health back to normal and have a fulfilling life. After my personal experience, I decided to pursue degrees and specialize in allergies, digestive issues, autoimmune disorder, women's health issues and pain management.

Now, ​I am passionate about helping women resolve the root cause of their allergy symptoms & digestive issues with holistic medicine, and activate their innate healing power so they can achieve optimum health.

If I can overcome my own challenges, so can YOU!


What people say about Telemedicine and Remote Healing

"What a godsend to be able to continue my healing at a distance."


"I always leave her sessions feeling restored and centered."

"Highly effective"


Client Testimonials


"I have been a runner for many years and suffer from plantar fasciitis. I have been with several other doctors for treatment and never got better. I tried a couple of orthopedic doctors, went for second opinion and nothing will work even though I did their recommendations. I was lucky to have found Veronica Joseph to work on my plantar fascitis and in just first treatment I could see a difference. She worked a couple of times and the pain I suffered for many years disappear and gone!!! Now, I don't have any problem.


"I have run a full marathon and two half-marathon and I have improved my times and most important is that I can now run without pain!! Thank you so much!"

                                                                      Maria O.


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